Collaborative Theatre & Participation as Citizen Voice Amplifiers for Social Transformation

  • Bibu

Seminariet hålls på engelska av Nabeel Petersen

Nabeel’s presentation will focus on his journey to explore theatre and other  performance methods that are more sensitive and relevant to local communities, in direct collaboration and partnership with community members. Nabeel offers an alternative model that is flexible, inclusive, transparent and engaging in direct partnerships with communities. By means of discussing and presenting concrete examples situated within the South African context, he hopes to present the process, challenges, successes and unanticipated outcomes of installing various projects within community spaces.

With a background in Social Anthropology, International Social Development and the Performing Arts, Nabeel Petersen is an experienced participatory and collaborative facilitator. He believes that co-design and participation is the key to designing solutions to global and local issues. He is currently focused on developing inclusive and collaborative Arts based projects between Community members, the Arts and Science. He believes that inclusive models that incorporates the Arts have the natural possibility to be catalysts for social transformation in fun and interactive ways.

With a background in Community Theatre and a passion for exploring community narratives he sought to work with various communities as they developed their own theatre shows, highlighting their own issues and calls for solutions. He has worked on various themes including: Sexuality, Sexual Health, Violence, Negotiations of Safety, Health engagement and advocacy, etc. He has explored other methods that incorporates Storytelling  for transformation including: Digital Story Telling; Collaborative Mural Design; Collaborative Video Making; Photovoice; Collaborative Event Planning and various hybrid methodologies

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