Which kinds of norm violations do child audiences accept?

  • Teaterförbundet, normkreativa arbetsgruppen

A discussion about children's attitudes toward norms, codes of behavior and traditions as they exist in the theater and within story-telling. How much are children's audiences affected by adult values? Is children's theater progressive or conservative? An artist's and researcher's discussion. Anna Wadström, moderator. Organised by Bodil Granlid and the The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film.

In our conversation we want to take a closer look at the following questions: What kinds of norm breaches do children's audiences accept? Can Pippi Longstocking be Black? How are children affected by never seeing people like themselves on stage? When do children's audiences reinforce traditional codes of behavior and norms and when do they break them? Does age make a difference? 

We wonder exactly which norms are easier or more difficult to break, how much adults influence children's audiences, and whether it isn't good to have norms and standards?

We also hope to discuss what kinds of unexpressed and invisible codes and norms are found among children.

How do children express the experience of seeing norms being breached when they watch a play? From a larger perspective we want to try to understand if and how changes have occurred over time and perhaps discover what our own prejudices and preconceptions might be.

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Teaterförbundet, normkreativa arbetsgruppen


Anna Wadström

Bodil Granlid

Hanna Alem Davidsson

Moa Backman