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About the biennial

bibu 2020 will be held 13-16 May 2020 in Helsingborg, Sweden.

bibu is a four day long festival, celebrated every second year. The first biennial was held in 2006. bibu 2018 was the seventh edition.

bibu is a forum where everyone interested in the performing arts for a younger audience can meet and be inspired; by each other, by the performances that are shown and by the seminars, workshops and meetings which you can attend during the four biennial days.

Independent theatres and dance companies, regional and national institutions, as well as international guest artists will have the opportunity to present shows of high artistic quality to venue representatives, cultural administrators, teachers, politicians, media and the public.

The presented shows, selected by a jury, together with a range of seminars and forums for discussion, makes bibu a natural place for analysis and reflection on the quality, status and possibilities of the art forms.

bibu 2018 took place 16-19 May in Helsingborg on the western coast of Skåne and right next to its Danish neighbour Helsingør.

bibu 2018 in numbers: 24 theatres and dance companies, by whom four are international. 107 performances. 49 seminars/workshops/meeting points. 156 events. 

You can read the programme here.


Foto: Maria Ragnarsson


Foto: Anneli Sandell

What to expect

bibu is a four day long biennial with a mix of performances, workshops and seminars - all of the top of their game. will leave you inspired and full of excitement for your next project. This is the event for anyone wanting to meet influences, looking on trends and meeting colleagues from Sweden and from many other parts of the world. It will be total focus on performances for children and youth.


  • Four days fully loaded with performances, seminars and workshops
  • Inspiration and intellectual movement
  • A unique selection of performances
  • Participants from all over the world
  • Time for networking and good talks
  • Experiences
  • Beautiful environments
  • Lovely food and a nice party

What is bibu?

By clicking on button below, you can read more about what bibu is.






Welcome to Helsingborg!

Welcome to Helsingborg!

In Helsingborg the sea is never far away. Salty spray and sand between your toes are part of everyday life during the summer months. But also during the rest of the year you can find a wide variety of culture, food, sport and experiences in Helsingborg.

Helsingborg is one of the cities in Sweden with the highest number of restaurants which help to create a lively atmosphere in the city centre all year round. Here you can enjoy fine dining.  You can choose between exotic food from all over the world or traditional Swedish home cooking with local products.

Curious? Read more.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I visit bibu?

bibu is a forum where everyone interested in the performing arts for a younger audience can meet and be inspired; by each other, by the performances that are shown and by the seminars, workshops and meetings which you can attend during the four biennial days.

During four days in spring we want to show the latest developments, paint a picture of Swedish children’s culture and create opportunities for networking between all those that are committed to bringing high quality performing arts to younger audiences. is an opportunity for performers, decision makers, teachers, children etc to meet booth on and off stage. Shows and seminars will give fantastic experiences as well as meaningful discussions and meetings.

I speak english - Can I still visit bibu?

We, who work with bibu, are aiming for making a biennial available for everybody. Our programme and website are also presented in English. Our personnel are fluent in English. Presenting translated performances are also a goal.

All our theatres and venues are chosen to work out for you with special needs. You will be able to easily attend and to see and hear fully.

How do I get to Helsingborg and were do I stay?

Travel by air or train: 
The easiest way to travel to Helsingborg is to book your flight from your destination to Copenhagen Airport (CPH). From the airport the most efficient way is to use public transport to Helsingborg City (Helsingborg C). There are direct train to Helsingborg via Malmö, or you can also change trains in Malmö. 

The trains departs at the airport from underground level after passing baggage claim and walking trough customs.

There are ticket machines for the train at CPH Airport. For more information how to buy your ticket, click on the link

When you arrive at Helsingborg C there will be signs to point you in the right direction. The bibu meeting point is at Dunkers kulturhus. 

Travel by car: 
If  you arrives to Helsingborg by car, drive towards "centrum". 

Dunkers  kulturhus is places on ​Kungsgatan 11, 252 21 Helsingborg (click on the adres to get directions) 

Parking in Helsingborg:
Map of parking - click here
Read more about parking  in the city - click here 


HOTELS & HOSTELS: You can find suggestions on accommodation here.

What's about the jury and how can I make contact?

You'll find everything about the jury för bibu 2018 here.

How do I find my way in Helsingborg?

​To find the venues and other important places:
Map  - press here 

Direction to hotel och hostels: 
Map - press here 

To find restaurants, cafes and shops:
Map - press here 


To get around in Helsingborg: 

Download PDF (eng)  - press here 

Local bus:

Taxi by selection:
Taxi Helsingborg - +46 (0) 42-21 72 17
Taxi Cab Helsingborg - +46 (0) 42-300 39 20
Sundets Taxi AB -  +46 (0) 42-22 22 22

​Walking distance in Helsingborg is never far!

We recommend:

  • Check out the google-map (you find it linked above or at mobile web).
  • Ask is the bibu-bureau about walking distance or citymap.


Can I buy single ickets?

You can buy single tickets to a selected part of the program. 

Selected performances for single tickets  - press here

Buy your tickets here: 

  • Helsingborgs stadsteater 
  • Dunkers kulturhus 
  • 120 SEK/adult. Free admission for children. Please note that booking of these tickets also must be made.


More questions?

More questions?

Contact us
Phone: + 46 (0)723 - 09 15 13