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Bibu 2020

Bibu is the most important meeting place in Sweden for professional performing arts for a young audience - an arena where all of us who work with children, young people and performing arts and culture, get together to experience and discuss performing arts for children and youth. 

Bibu 2020 is canceled!

Bibu’s board decided the 16th of March to cancel the biennial Bibu 2020.  

Since the decision from the Swedish authorities the 11th of March to not allow public conferences, exhibitions and events with more than 500 persons, the team of Bibu has worked on different scenarios on how to follow through with the biennial in May 2020. Even if it as of today is difficult to know how the situation will develop, the board of Bibu has come to the conclusion that it most certainly won’t be possible to arrange Bibu 2020. There is a great risk of further recommendations and decision from the authorities, to what extent can theatres, organizations and delegates participate and the economic consequences of all this. As time goes by, the risks are also increasing for Bibu as an organization, especially economic risks and in the end the risk of bankruptcy. 

It is with great grief that the Bibu’s board and CEO need to make this decision. We will work hard to be able to organize the Bibu of 2022 instead. 

/ Ingrid Fransson, CEO Bibu AB och Måns Lagerlöf, chair person Bibu AB

Swedish and international jury chosen performances Bibu 2020

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