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Important dates

Important dates

16-19 May 2018 Time for the next bibu!

25 April 2018 Ticket release number two!

13 May 2018 last day to book on-line. 

31 January 2018 selected productions are presented!

15 March 2018 the program will be presented and the booking opens.

1 December 2017 last day to suggest productions. 



Unique gathering!

bibu is Sweden's most important meeting for you who works with professional performances in some way or another. It's a place to get inspired, to be comforted at, to be confirmed at and, mostly, be happy at.

bibu 2018 took place 16th-19th of May in Helsingborg.
Instagram: #bibu2018


A filled schedule!

bibu 2018 offered 24 productions, 107 shows, 30 seminars, 6 workshops, mingles, network-meetings, speed dating and more. All this took place in a number of different places in the city. Four days when the performing arts field, both from Sweden and abroad, met in Helsingborg.

Here you can read the entire program for bibu 2018.



In-depth interviews!

As a part of our in-depth program for bibu 2018, we interviewed some people and organizations with interest for us, bibu 2018 and hopefully also for you. 

Read them here.





Beautiful environment!

Lovely situated on the west coast the biennial city Helsingborg is offering stunning city views, a great oppurtunity to enjoy good restaurants and shopping.  In Helsingborg you find The City Theatre, Dunkers Culture Center, The Concert House, Sofiero Castle and the outdoor museum Fredriksdal. All of them well worth a visit. 

Here you find tourist information / VisitHelsingborg!