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About Helsingborg

Lovely situated on the west coast the biennial city Helsingborg is offering stunning city views, a great opportunity to enjoy good restaurants and shopping. In Helsingborg there are several interesting places to visit. Besides from the City Theater of Helsingborg, Dunkers Kulturhus and the Concert Hall, you can visit the castle of Sofiero and the park Fredriksdal. Just across the sound you have Denmark and the city of Helsinor. 

Welcome to the Bibu City of Helsingborg

Vy över Helsingborg

At the same time in Helsingborg 

In the city of Helsingborg there is a lot going on all year round. The week of Bibu is no exception. Here is therefore some tips for you while visiting Helsingborg! 

Helsingborg gives you its best tips!

Together with VisitHelsingborg we presents exciting tips what to do while in Helsingborg!

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To do in Helsingborg during Bibu 


Every year Sofiero is visited by tens of thousands of visitors to enjoy the thriving beauty, royal tradition and the understated view of the Sound. This year's highlight of Sofiero is in May when the 10,000s of rhododendron bushes bloom. Pure magic for the soul.


Do you want to experience Helsingborg in a different way? You can experience a warm welcome from a Visit Helsingborg Greeter. Let someone who holds the city dear guide you through all the treasures that Helsingborg has to offer and experience Helsingborg just as a local would! Absolutely free and guaranteed to enrich your stay! To ensure a meeting with a Greeter, book at least two weeks in advance.


Helsingborg offers free wifi on many places in the city and the free wifi zone at Gröningen is most likely the biggest one in Europe. Perfect for when you need to chatt with us, search for information or find your way in Helsingborg!

Connect to “Visitors free wifi”and start to surf.


This is Skåne in miniature, with 360,000 square metres of unique settings, buildings and gardens. Here, the history and diversity of the countryside are caringly kept alive. With its museums and gardens, Fredriksdal offers interesting activities for all ages, all year round.

  • TURA

To "Tura" is a local expression for taking a ferry crossing the straight without jumping off in Helsingør. Once on board you can enjoy the beautiful view and maybe order "two red and one green?". You go back and forth until you get ready to jump off. Our neighbor in Denmark offers beautiful alleys, good food and lots of culture so we can really recommend a stop in Helsingør.


A historically refined place, popularly called Spritan. Here you will find everything from art, galleries and paddle courts, to shops with shopping for the conscious. 
A perfect excursion destination that offers something for everyone. Have a coffee at the café, shop, treat yourself to a treat at some of the lounges and enjoy a nice dinner at the restaurant. 


Vallåkra, the little gem just south of Helsingborg. Start with lunch at beautiful Wallåkra Stenkärlsfabrik, which is nestled in the valley of Råån, part of the nature reserve Borgen. Here, rich vegetation and wildlife is combined with history, pottery and high-class food. In the small factory, stone vessels are still manufactured from the mud of the area. Perhaps you will find a new favorite to decorate the kitchen with?

Vallåkra has more to offer! What does Enkla Ting, Heddas Hus och Hillesdal have in common? They are all lifestyle stores filled with decor, clothing, plants and much more. This is where you will find the little unique things that are not already in every Swedish home. Take good time at each place, and combine a coffee at Hillesdal's cozy café.

You should not miss the Tomato´s House either. Here they grow tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, chili and lots of other things. You can find everything freshly harvested from the greenhouse in the shop. If you do not want to eat the goodies as they are , much is already refined with marmalades, jam and a lot more. The Tomato's house also sells various kinds of bread and really tasty pastries. Are you hungry, don´t miss a visit to the restaurant and their homemade tomato pie or maybe their super tasty tomato soup.

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