Törnrosa – den enda sanna kärlekens tid

  • Estrad Norr

After a hundred years of sleep, the beautiful princess is about to be awakened by “the one true love’s kiss”. The audience is invited to share this moment, proving the magic and miracle of true love. But something is wrong here. Where is The Prince? It can’t be that he has changed his mind? That he doubts about there being only one true love? That he’d rather have some fun than living “happily ever after” with the first girl he ever met? Well actually, it can…

"Sleeping Beauty – the one true love’s time" is a play where the classic love story collides with more modern perspectives of love and relationships. It is about hot blooded romance, cold blooded tactics, the spirit of the time and the courage it takes to really love. 

From 13 till 15 år

In the world of fairy tales, true love is simple, self-evident and lasts forever after. But how does that work in real life? In the performance, all the truths of the story are turned on their head when the present time, with its ambivalence and modern values intrude upon the world of the classic fairy tale and collide with its classic, narrative elements and values. With farce as a tool and with a norm-creative starting point, we get a visual and well-crafted performance of everything that love can involve.  How do we take care of one another? How do we create equal, respectful and loving relationships beyond what is considered the norm? Potentially, it also provides insights into seeing the relationships that do not provide us with love, respect and care, so we will be brave enough to leave them behind.

Performance image, Törnrosa, bibu 2018
Photo: Sandra Lee Pettersson


Estrad Norr


Script: Manda Stenström

Director & Set Design: Jonas Nilsson

Costume Design: Marie Moberg

Actors: Ellen Hennig, Madeléne Evertsson, Malin Tengvard and Anders Öhrström

Photo: Sandra Lee Pettersson