So Sorry

  • Riksteatern / BamBam Frost

A dance collage of popular culture, packaged in pink plastic. A playful, intense collage of pop culture’s expression and dance.

The dancers push their bodies to the limit, testing where their exhaustion takes them, both physically and mentally. They embrace, while still being critical of, the popular culture that they, and many besides, consume daily. To the beat of pulsating music, dressed in grey body stockings, in a room packaged in shiny pink plastic, the dancers pull us in to an intense, fun, sweaty performance where dances we recognize are first deconstructed and then built up again.

From 13 years

Motivation of the jury:

On the surface it’s cute shiny pink confection. In reality, it’s an intense process in which pop culture is deconstructed, to then be built up again. It is playful but also full of double meanings and challenging looks. It is low-key at the start, with a gradual heightening of the tempo into a collision of different worlds of dance within contemporary, urban, club and show. The three dancers strain their bodies, testing and diversifying with incredible energy against a background of RnB, pop and hip hop. The artistry and expression are reminiscent of music videos and live concerts that we enjoy, but the question is how they actually land in our bodies.

So Sorry
Foto: Senay Berhe
So Sorry
Foto: Senay Berhe
So Sorry
Foto: Senay Berhe

Time and place

19:00 - 20:00
10:00 - 11:00

Play time: Time and place will be published the 11th of March!

In her work with So Sorry, BamBam has primarily studied female Afro-American artists within RnB, pop and hiphop. She has explored expression, dance and artistry from music videos and live concerts, and has asked herself what the pop culture we enjoy means to us and how it lands in our bodies. 

So Sorry is a tour version and has been developed from the production Sorry that had its production residence at Riksteatern, with the première at MDT in spring 2018. 


Riksteatern / BamBam Frost


  • On stage: BamBam Frost, Mari Carrasco, Lydia Östberg Diakité  
  • Choreographer: BamBam Frost  
  • Lighting design: Anton Andersson  
  • Sound design: Yared Cederlund  
  • Set design: Lisa Berkert Wallard  
  • Assistant choreographer: Alexandra Tveit