Riddare av tusen äventyr

  • PotatoPotato Scenkonst

An unreal campsite, a girl hike and a collective dream. PotatoPotato creates a show, Riddare av tusen äventyr (Knight of a thousand adventures) based on the Swedish Girl Scout movement.

It's dark but the Girl Scouts can see anyway. They have practiced all spring, sharpened their knives and sharpened their senses. They train to orient themselves in a world that is not theirs. From their campsite, they reach out into the world and redraw the map. Let the adventure begin!

From 13-15 years

Motivation of the jury:

Potato Potato build boldly on their exploration of the possibilities of theatre for exposing experiences that otherwise are not always embraced. The performance takes place in a feminine world, with ingredients of powerful community and solidarity and where the characters are distinct, complex subjects. We can relish our involvement in a smooth-flowing story defined by sensitivity and rhythm. Simple scenography and lighting design combine perfectly with text and presentation to create the performance’s unique setting.

Riddare av tusen äventyr
Foto: Julia Lindemalm
Riddare av tusen äventyr
Foto: Julia Lindemalm
Riddare av tusen äventyr
Foto: Julia Lindemalm

Time and place

13:00 - 14:25
18:00 - 19:25
13:00 - 14:25

Play time: Time and place will be published the 11th of March!

In the fall of 2019, PotatoPotato challenges the Swedish gender equality policy, making a performance based on one of our most complex debates of today - the girl in the public space. We want to create a perspective in this debate by highlighting an important movement that has worked for girls' liberation, identity and cohesion building - the Swedish Girl Scout movement.

The Scout movement, with its 55 million members, is one of the world's largest youth movements. In the Swedish Girl Scout movement (1913-1960), girls trained to act in public space and in nature free from the male gaze. With clever scout names, magical songs and homemade costumes, they built a separatist community where they could explore both themselves and the world.


PotatoPotato Scenkonst


  • On stade: Li Molnár Kronlid, Amanda Quartey, Ella Schartner, Johanna Malm

  • Director & project leader: Linda Forsell

  • Set & costume design: Hanna Reidmar

  • Lighting design: Sofie Anderson 

  • Choreography: Lisen Ellard

  • Researcher: Bodil Formark

  • Technician: Emil Göthberg

  • Educator in gender equality: Elinor Forsheden Sidoli

  • Producer: Rebecca Baker