Neighbours around the Baltic Sea - playwrights as important carriers of messages reflecting society

  • Arranged by: Svenska Assitej

"Neighbours" is a playwright´s project to investigate an experienced lack of knowledge between neighbours across the Baltic Sea. We want to deepen relations, explore and learn from each other. In three workshops in Stockholm, Tallinn and Vilnius, "Neighbours" has been a place for meetings between individual playwrights, countries and different practices.

In the project we have been given possibilities to share experiences, to develop our skills and to work out new texts. In this presentation and reading we will share our work with you!

Foto:: Svenska Assitej

Time and place

09:30 - 10:30

Play time: 60 min


Arranged by: Svenska Assitej



  • Greta Sundberg and Isa Schöier, Sweden,
  • Gaile Garnelyte, Lithuania
  • Lauris Gundars, Ance Muizniece and Anna Belkovska, Latvia
  • Kristiina Jalasto and Mihkel Seeder, Estonia
  • Moderator: Greta Sundberg