Myriader av världar

  • Unga på Operan / Kungliga Operan

Get up CLOSE and personal with art – for babies and toddlers aged 3-18 months. Allow your little one to experience art and explore every corner of the stage!

In Unga på Operan’s comprehensive, multi-form artwork "Myriads of Worlds", your child is both a participant and a co-creator. The set design, the songs, the dances, the costumes, and the music invite interaction and inspire curiosity about color, design, interplay, and movement.

Choreographer Dalija Aćin Thelander examines the art experience of the very youngest of audiences. Using choreography, sound and space, she allows babies and toddlers and their accompanying adults to take part in the performing arts from multiple perspectives. The show has been created on the basis of the latest research about babies’ consciousness.

The show was performed at the Royal Swedish Opera House from November 18 – December 10, 2017

Read an interview with the choreographer

From 3 to 18 months

"Myriader av världar" is an opera and dance performance for babies. Over the past ten years, performing arts for the very young have flourished and captured the public's imagination, but rarely have we seen such sterling work as "Myriader av världar". This is a performance that manages to be warm and intimate whilst at the same time grand, generous and magnificent. The ingenious stage design and costumes constantly create new spaces and playful situations that are welcoming and inviting for children. It is beautiful in an uncompromising manner, imaginative and sincere. Here is a performance where children are the main focus and that has tremendous confidence in their ability to experience art.

performance image Myriader av Världar, bibu 2018
Photo: Markus Gårder

Låt ditt barn uppleva konst och undersöka alla vrår i scenrummet.

Koreografen Dalija Aćin Thelander undersöker konstupplevelsen för den allra yngsta publiken. Utifrån koreografi, ljud och rum låter hon bebisar och deras medföljande vuxna ta del av scenkonst från flera perspektiv. Föreställningen har skapats med utgångspunkt från den senaste forskningen om bebisars medvetande.


Unga på Operan / Kungliga Operan


Music: Anja Đorđević 

Text/libretto: Marina Steinmo

Concept och Choreographer: Dalija Acín Thelander

Set and Sound designer: Jens Sethzman

Costume designer: Anna Kjellsdotter

On stage: Maja Frydén, Noah Hellwig, Pontus Sundset, Allyson Way Wanselius

Photo: Markus Gårdner