Moving from ”Play” to ”The Play” and back again: teachers and theatre-makers in collaboration

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This seminar will explore the theory and practice behind various modes of access to performance for audiences whose complex needs mean they may not have experienced ‘theatre’ or ‘pretending’. It will look at the multi-faceted role of dramapedagogue within both theatres and schools.

Dr Gill Brigg specialises in theatre and dramapedagogy for children labelled as having severe learning disabilities. Her PHD research is about access to performance for audiences labelled as having profound, multiple and complex learning disabilities. She worked as a pedagogical expert on the Scen:se project, creating training workshops and teaching materials to support Stranden and Shakespeares Hjärtslag.

Time and place

14:30 - 15:45

Play time: Tid och plats släpps 11 mars!


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  • Gill Brigg