Mitt kalas!

  • Skuggteatern
“Everyone is invited to MY party. Aaaaall of you! Not just the boys, or just the girls. 
But NO babies! I hate babies! I have a little brother, he is 28, and everyone says! 'He is soooo cute!' HE IS NOT CUTE! He has goatee, it's NOT cute!
Place yourself in a circle around the carpet, BUT DO NOT TOUCH THE PRESENTS, they are mine, mom and dad sent them in advance with courier company, it’s MY party, I’m celebrating turning thirty-six today, so this will be my thirty-sixth birthday party and I expect that it will be the absolute best party I've ever had.”

3-6 years

This is not a jury appointed performance, but one of the four performances included in the theme The school as venue, drawn from entries from independent theatres, members of Teatercentrum. After the performance there will be an opportunity for dialogue and experience exchange with the ensemble, about choices and strategies specific to school performances, taking this particular performance as a starting point.

Mitt kalas
Foto & affisch: LisaLove Bäckman
Mitt kalas
Foto: Elin Berge
Mitt kalas
Foto: Elin Berge

Time and place

09:30 - 10:45
13:00 - 14:10

Play time: Performs in schools

In the play Mitt kalas! Jago is celebrating his birthday. Jago loves this day since being the birthday boy means he gets to decide everything. Jago is a veterinary-leopard, Hulk-ballerina, his majesty the dictator princess who feels that growing up sucks. Grown ups only want to celebrate their birthdays by drinking beer, eating fancy dinners and talking to each other. Jago wants to play!
Mitt kalas! tours to pre schools, libraries and other small venuses. The children in the audience are encouraged to come to the play in their own favorite costumes and participate in an interactive masquerade party. Mitt kalas! originate from the target groups love for role playing and celebrate the small persons wish to get their way. Sometimes… 




  • On stage: Love Ersare
  • Director: Emil Nilsson-Mäki
  • Set & costume design: Frida Allberg
  • Producer: Emma Burström & Frida Allberg