• Teater Tribunalen

A show for social justice activists of all sizes.
The little town where we lived only had one purpose. The factory.

Each morning before the sun had risen – sometimes it never rose at all – the fog was that thick – the factory whistle sounded:
Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech - it cut through the foggy, smoky morning air. And from the tiny grey shanty houses they scuttled.The factory workers. 

And they weren't happy, because they hadn't slept enough and besides, in this town there was nothing to be happy about.
There they went – with their heads down; hunched over to protect themselves from the cold. Bad clothes and bad moods. The mud sloshing around their ankles. Towards the factory, the very hub and kernel of the town – a grey cube with big, black chimneys spewing smoke so thoroughly that neither birds nor sun were hardly ever seen. 
And then they worked all day.
All day – the machines sucked the life out of already nearly lifeless people. 
There were no such thing as day for them – day had been eradicated here – they were sucked into the grey cube. Not until evening were they let out again and then they were too tired to know if it was day or night. 

Every day the same, year after year.

Until one day, when you finally couldn't do it any more. And then it was just a relief to be put into a grave to rest. 
Well, that's what they said, the old ones, before they died.
And we kids, we just ran around – back and forth – among the gravel of those streets. We learnt nothing.
Because no one had time for us.
And we saw our parents and our older siblings go back and forth, back and forth, between factory and home. Every day. And we knew that it'd be our turn soon.
Because no one here ever asked themselves why – or for whom – They did all of this without knowing why they did it. Because no one had ever known. 
And no one had ever been taught words like change. Like freedom.

 "Inspired by Maxim Gorky's novel Mother"

From 10 years

We learn about a 100-year-old story, which even today engenders strong feelings of empathy, justice, a fighting spirit, resistance and solidarity. We get political theatre, which clearly takes a stand in its narrative, and whose story is still interesting for a young audience. It is a re-make of Gorky’s ‘The Mother’, and it affects us through a distinct idiom as well as an intelligent and emotional portrayal of the characters. A performance that displays a love of all the components of theatre. Together, they form a complete experience – stage design, lights, puppets, music and acting combine to give the audience a strong narrative, where your imagination is also given freedom to roam. It is a story to be contemplated and discussed long after the performance is over. 

performance image mamman, bibu 2018
Photo: Henrik Dahl
performance image mamman, bibu 2018
Photo: Henrik Dahl


Teater Tribunalen


Script: Åsa Lindholm

Idea / Director / Puppet construction: Erik Holmström
Set design/ Puppets / Costume design: Maja Kall
Composer: Dror Feiler
Light design: Olle Axén
Graphic desig: Jan Larsson
Photo: Henrik Dahl
Producer: Maria Edwall, Hanna Melanton-Appelfeldt

On stage: Andrea Edward, Per Grytt och Maria Nilsson