• Johanssons pelargoner och dans

"Koreografin" explores the world through movement and investigates how the way we move affects how we perceive the world. What we think, see and feel. There are no dancers/actors on stage, instead the audience/participants, in small groups of 16 per show, are the performers of the piece. Wearing one pair of headphones each they are guided by a kind voice telling them how to move, what to think about and how to relate to their body and to each other. Together they do choreographies, change the scenography and are encouraged to explore imaginative situations. 

From 10 to 18 years

In this piece the public get the opportunity to change roles. Instead of being observers, we become co-creators. With the choreographers guiding us via our headphones, we are asked to participate using ourselves as tools, in a permissive space where we quickly realise that we cannot do anything wrong, but where all our movements are the right ones. We discover that our morning routines actually consist of choreographies. We move together, we create common worlds. It is a performance or an adventure, but it is also a physical experience, an investigation of what motion is and what the body can tell us. This is interactive performing arts that make us happy, that are inspiring and allow everyone involved, for a short time, to be a co-creator of something that feels grand through small individual contributions.


Johanssons pelargoner och dans



Annica Styrke

Anna Haglund

Johan Sundén

Karin Wiklund

Photo: Johan Sundén