HOW you create determines WHAT you create

  • Blaue Frau

A workshop with Finnish-Swedish Blaue Frau

Traditional working methods in performing arts are based on old patriarchical structures where a look from outside defines what happens on stage. With starting point in the construction and deconstruction of power in a group, the workshop explores:
How can we form new working methods, without reproducing those already existing? How can we create a safe space where everyone understands his/her own position? Where art is created through mutual understandings rather than old habits, a director's plan or a fixed target? How do we provide the conditions for a parallel universe where things we've never seen can come to life?

Workshop-leaders: Joanna Wingren och Sonja Ahlfors
The workshop addresses: Actors, dancers, directors, choreographers, play wrights, dramaturgs
Number of participants: Maximum 20
The workshop is held in English.

Blaue Frau has since the group’s founding in 2005 developed from a raging revolt against present gender norms within the theatre into a performance group that questions hierarchies and traditions on a larger level in theatre and performing arts. Their work is based in norm criticism, safe spaces, feminism and deconstruction.
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Blaue Frau