Fika with Bibu and the international council

  • Arrangeras av: Svenska ASSITEJ

Fika with Bibu and the international council for Bibu 2020 - about their selection process and discussions on international performing arts for children and youth.  

"Our discussions when selecting the foreign productions meandered through individual artistry, authenticity, contemporary art, performing arts for the youngest and about being affected and being touched. We have twisted and turned our proposals, most of the time we agreed, but sometimes the discussions were heated. We united in exciting and interesting discussions in a wish (desire) to offer some of the best performances we have seen, often on video, sometimes live."

Fika with Bibu is meeting place for the exchange of ideas, reflections and conversation between foreign guests and Swedish performers. Join us for a coffee and a cinnamon roll as we discuss performances, trends and other issues affecting performing arts for young people.

Fika with Bibu is also a place to meet participants in the Next Generation Residency Program.

Time and place

15:00 - 16:00

Play time: 60 min


Arrangeras av: Svenska ASSITEJ


  • Introduceras av: Sara Myrberg, Anna Wennerbeck och Niclas Malmcrona