• Unga Teater Roma

It`s about Moa who posts cute pictures of herself online. With the result that the virtual world becomes more threatening to her than the real one. And about Benjamin who posts pictures for fun…

Fångad i ett nätverk is a play to be played in classrooms about exposure online that aim to build safety and confidence between actors and audience. It focuses on the vulnerability for young girls, and boys, in constant exposure online and what that do to their self-image, integrity and well-being. The play is based on current research and the book “Virtuell våldtäkt” (Virtual rape) by Caroline Engvall.

Time and place

09:30 - 10:35
11:15 - 12:20

Play time: 65 minutes


Unga Teater Roma


Actors: Alva Pettersson and Joel Schmidt
Screenplay: Lotta Grut
Directed by: Karin Kickan Holmberg
Suit and supplies: Suzane Crépault
Technique: Robert Wahlström
Photo: Johan Aredal and Mikaela Hagelberg