• Compagnie Arcosm, Frankrike (FR)

Bounce! happily discusses the failure, an universal experience, an unexpected start for a new way of living: the beginning of an adventure, gushing, questioning how to bounce!

The quartet moves in space, musicians tune, dancers heat up. Gestures are febrile, uncertain… What if nothing happens the way we expected? But we have to try, alone or with others. Pushing, yelling, climbing, playing, dancing, whispering, singing… try any way and go further.

From 7 years

Motivation of the international jury:

Bounce! places the focus on dance, in combination with visually exciting images, rhythm, sound and music. This is a performance in which dance becomes physical humour and the unexpected is quite literally just around the corner. A mistake turns into the beginning of an adventure, with the unexpected bouncing back in a happy surprise while something recognizable can be glimpsed in the passing. Bounce is a family show that plays, dances, climbs, whispers and takes the audience that little bit further, beyond the expected.


Time and place

18:00 - 18:50
10:00 - 10:50

Play time: Time and place will be published the 11th of March!

The Arcosm company from France was created in 2001 and is currently co-directed by Thomas Guerry, a dancer and choreographer and Camille Rocailleux, a percussionist, pianist player and composer. The company main objective is to build bridges between different artistic disciplines and languages; music, dance and singing are the root of this artistic approach.


Compagnie Arcosm, Frankrike (FR)


  • On stage: Cloé Vaurillon/Thalia Ziliotis, Côme Calmelet/Joakim Lorca /Aurélien Le Glaunec, Quelen Lamouroux and Sylvain Robine 
  • Concept and director: Thomas Guerry and Camille Rocailleux
  • Lighting design: Bruno Sourbier
  • Sound design: Olivier Pfeiffer
  • Set design: Samuel Poncet
  • Costume design: Anne Dumont