The Ballad of the Apathetic Son and his Narcissistic Mother

  • 21Common, Skottland (GBR)

Lucy and Raedie are Mother and Son. They both REALLY love the singer Sia. They love her music, her videos and especially her hair.  They love the way it moves in a choppy, black-on-platinum swivel.

This high-energy performance exposes the inherent narcissism that is at the centre of motherhood and how this becomes a burden to the child embarking on adulthood. It shares something of Lucy and Raedie, past and present. It discovers their new dynamic.

So hold on for dear life through this all singing, all dancing journey of rejection and nurture, disappointment and interdependency, of transforming, growing, hurting and becoming…


From 12 years

Motivation of the international jury:

When an apathetic son and his narcissistic mother confront each other, a theatrical presence arises that is touching as well as provocative. This embrace sparks both anguish and compassion that demand courage of the true mother and son. There is not much that unites them but both Lucy and Raedie love Sia. Helped by the Australian singer and her platinum-blonde hair, they bare themselves in a performance that is beautiful thanks to it being unpolished, raw and awkward. Mother and son talk to us, never to each other, but an aching fondness forces the audience to think about what is authentic and what is fiction. 

The Ballad of the Apathetic Son and his Narcissistic Mother
Foto: Niall Walker
The Ballad of the Apathetic Son and his Narcissistic Mother
Foto: Niall Walker

Time and place

12:30 - 13:30
19:00 - 20:00
10:30 - 11:30
13:30 - 14:30

Play time: Time and place will be published the 11th of March!

They decided to use the iconic motifs of this Australian pop superstar to make their own performance. Somehow Sia became the catalyst in examining this relationship between a 14-year-old son and his 37-year-old mother, between a legally identified adult and child, Woman and Boy, and two artists creating and sharing something.

The genesis of 21Common from Scottland, was an artist-centric, artist-led collective born from a friendship and collaboration between Gary Gardiner, Lucy Gaizely, Ian Johnston, Louise Irwin and Adrian Howells. 21Common enabled a group of passionate and enduring artists to make work which ruffles feathers and challenges the accepted and expected ways of being.


21Common, Skottland (GBR)


  • By and with: Lucy Gaizely and Raedie Gaizely Gardiner
  • Rehearsal Director: Gary Gardiner
  • Mentor: Deborah Richardson Webb
  • Associate Artist: Ian Johnson
  • Sound Design: Zac Scott
  • Lighting Design and Production Manager: Michaella Fee
  • Marketing and Press: Niall Walker
  • Lead Producer: Louise Irwin