Why international co-operation?

  • Arranged by: Svenska Assitej

Many Swedish companies in our field of work have a good market and good opportunities to make a living on our art in our own country. Yet a lot of companies are aiming not just for international touring but even to do co-productions together with companies from other parts of the world.

Why do we need to reach out for more and what can we gain from working abroad? Costs are high and we are facing a lot of difficulties such as cultural and practical differences, language barriers and a lot of misunderstandings.

A discussion about international co-operation with starting point in both recent and on-going projects.

Time and place

16:00 - 17:00

Play time: 60 min


Arranged by: Svenska Assitej


  • Camilla Ekelöf, freelance choreographer
  • Jonas Robin, ZebraDans
  • Um Dong Youl, Sang Sang Maru
  • Veronica Lamppa Lönnbro, Kulturrådet 
  • Anneli Strömqvist, Konstnärsnämnden
  • Moderator: Niclas Malmcrona.