Vi vet var du bor

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An electronic opera about freedom of expression. What is your teacher up to when he/she’ s not at work? Is it okay to do whatever you fancy doing outside of work?doing outside of work? As long as it doesn´t affect your teaching, of course. Can you have any opinions you like, can you socialize with all people regardless of their extreme opinions? If you are a popular and competent teacher, is it alright if you have opinions that clash with the Education Act?

From 13 years

This is not a jury appointed performance, but one of the four performances included in the theme The school as venue, drawn from entries from independent theatres, members of Teatercentrum. After the performance there will be an opportunity for dialogue and experience exchange with the ensemble, about choices and strategies specific to school performances, taking this particular performance as a starting point.

Vi vet var du bor
Foto: Henrik Hulander
Vi vet var du bor
Foto: Henrik Hulander
Vi vet var du bor
Foto: Henrik Hulander

Time and place

13:30 - 14:45
11:00 - 11:45
13:45 - 15:00

Play time: Performs in schools

Vi vet var du bor (We Know Where You Live) is a newly written electronic opera, a fantasy based on a real event where a teacher went to an inappropriate meeting, a headmaster who couldn't put his foot down and pupils who tried to make their voices heard. And everything is sung.





  • On stage: Hanna Normann, Lillemor Hjelm, Mats Granath, Stina Eriksson & Sakib Zabbar
  • By: Kristian Hallberg
  • Director: Marie Parker Shaw
  • Set & costume design: Annika Carlsson
  • Music: Magnus Börjeson
  • Lighting design & technician: Ida Eklund
  • Sound & technician: Christian Jönsson
  • Make up: Siv Nyholm
  • Song coach: Andrea Hatanmaa
  • Workshops: Pehr Ellgård