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  • Skuggteatern

When Hamlet's Mom said she did not want to be married to her Dad anymore, he died. Or, he is not dead, he has just moved. But what Father Hamlet remembers no longer exists. He's different now. A ghost. In addition, Mom has met a new one, a Claudius. Hamlet is completely convinced that Claudius is guilty of the breakup between Mom and Dad. In addition, she has evidence and will reveal all so that Mom and Dad can be together again. So Dad can be as alive as he once was. Because that's how it works. Or?

Vara is a performance with humor and imagination where the audience gets to follow Hamlet's grief and frustration for the first time in her parents' divorce. The audience gets to see her try to take power over a situation the adult world has chosen that completely changes the scene for her entire life. All Hamlet wants is for it to be as before, for everyone to stop feeling sorry for her and to just be allowed to be…

Perfomance image Vara
Photo: Elin Berge
Perfomance image Vara
Photo: Elin Berge
Perfomance image Vara
Photo: Elin Berge

Time and place

09:30 - 11:00
12:30 - 14:00




  • Script and direction: Emil Nilsson-Mäki
  • Cast: Karin Malmberg as Hamlet, Magnus Nilsson-Mäki as Hamlet's father and Claudius
  • Costume, scenography and props: Frida Allberg
  • Lighting design: Jonas Olsson
  • Sound design: Anton Teljebäck
  • Photo: Elin Berge