Totto, Otto och deras bästa vän Lilla

  • Helsingborgs stadsteater

Totto, Otto och deras bästa vän Lilla is a curious balancing act between fantasy and reality. Reminding us that creativity can make a lamp dance, waffles fly and make a new friend come alive. The show is inspired by contemporary circus and dance and is a poetic experience for both children and adults.

From 4 years

Föreställningsbild Totto, Otto och deras bästa vän Lilla, Bibu, 2018
Fotograf: Malin Arnesson

Time and place

Play time: 30 min


Helsingborgs stadsteater


In association with: Kompani Kanalje

Director: Samuel Gustavsson                  

Set design and costume: Yvonne Ericsson

Music: Filip Runesson

Magic consultant: David Tholander

On stage:
Totto: Jan Unestam
Otto: Petter Wadsten

Sound: Jonas Mattsson
Light: Jonas Sandberg
Stagemanager: Johan Andersson

Photo: Malin Arnesson