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Stranden is based on the poem "Dover Beach" written by Matthew Arnold and the audience is invited to the scenery where the poem takes place, a poetic beach café by the sea.

British director Tim Webb’s work is multisensory, playful and interactive. The set design is also adapted with custom-made seatings for the audience, and newly composed music is performed live on stage by the actors. The show is built up in several layers to be able to communicate with children who are labelled as having complex needs including those with profound and multiple disabilities.

At least 1 accompanying person per person.

For children and young people with PMLD

This performance is part of the theme FUNKTION.

Martin Skoog
Martin Skoog
Martin Skoog

Time and place

09:30 - 10:20
12:00 - 12:50
09:30 - 10:20
12:15 - 13:05

Play time: Time and place will be published the 11th of March!

Tim Webb is one of the founders of the Oily Cart Theater in London and artistic director for over 30 years. Oily Cart Theater is one of the great forerunners in creating full-fledged performing arts for children and young people with complex disabilities. Their performances are always sensory and very interactive. 




  • On Stage: Ulrika Beijer, Francoise Fournier, Eva von Hofsten, Åsa Larsson
  • Director: Tim Webb
  • Composer: Max Reinhardt
  • Scenographer and costume designer: Petra Hjortsberg-Möller
  • Choreographer: Debbie Bandara
  • Dramaturge/translator: Erik Uddenberg
  • Drama pedagogue: Helene Åhström
  • Project manager: Eva von Hofsten
  • Producer: Anna Thelin

FUNKTION is a collaboration between Bibu, Scen:se and Folkteatern Gävleborg. It is made possible with fundings from Kulturrådet and Signatur - Insamlingsstiftelse för musikfrämjande.

Scen:se is a three year project with the aim to create art for children and youth with complex needs. A collaboration between Hudiksvalls kommun, Glada Hudikteaterns supporterklubb, Folkteatern Gävleborg, Riksteatern Barn & Unga and Hälsinglands Museum, with fundings from Allmänna Arvsfonden, Svenska Postkodstiftelsen, Region Gävleborg and Kulturrådet.