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Inspired by Shakespeare’s TempestStorm tells the story of the magician Prospero, his apprentice Ariel and the creature Caliban.

Designed for children and young people who are on the autistic spectrum, this enchanting, intimate production has been carefully designed to put audience members at ease throughout, giving them space and time to move freely and experience the show in their own way.

Using elements of The Tempest and a limited amount of Shakespeare’s language, Storm tells a dramatic story of the sea, ships, islands and magic. Audience members will be welcomed into the performance space with relaxing music and during the performance will be invited to interact with the actors and the setting.

The performance is made for 6 children and their companions.

There is a short introduction before performance starts for Bibu festival audience who will be seated slightly behind the children.

After the show, when the children have left, director Christopher Davies gives a short seminar for the Bibu audience.

For children from 6 years with autism

Performance image Storm
Photo: Amhed Hayman
Performance image Storm
Photo: Amhed Hayman

Time and place

10:00 - 11:00
12:00 - 13:00
10:00 - 11:00
12:00 - 13:00

Play time: appr. 60 minutes




  • Director: Christopher Davies
  • Assistant Director: Sue Pyecroft
  • Devised by: The company
  • Performers: Craig Byrne, Naomi Sparrow, Ben Moores, Becky Matter.
  • Composer and Musical director: Gren Bartley
  • Designer: Irene Jade
  • Design Assistant: Gee Hatton
  • Assistant Prop Makers: Jake Parker Cherrie Whatmuff
  • Set builder: Tom Cleaver
  • General Manager: Rob Holsman
  • Project Manager: Jennifer Murphy
  • Tour Co-ordinator: Jade Frost
  • Education Development Coordinator: Nicole Arkless
  • Admin assistant: Kit Fordham
  • Company and Technical Manager: David Hately