Dance performance in 2 games over 4 set

Smashing was born through the collaboration between Dunkers culture house, two dancers, Sara Ekman and Jonas Svensson and the musician Ola Simonsson. We wanted to open up what the image of dance can mean for the visitors at Dunkers culture house. To open the house for the ones who like watching dance performance, but also the ones who never been to a performance like this, and just in passing discovered something new and where enthralled.
We work with the culture house’s preconditions and inspirations through dance and music, following the words: availability, warmth, tongue in cheek and surprise.

With support from Konstnärsnämnden
Thanks to: Tretorn, Olympiahallen and Kulturmagasinet

For this performance you don't need to book tickets. 

Smashing, show image, bibu 2018

Time and place

Play time: 20 minutes


Idé och koreografi: Sara Ekman, Jonas Svensson & Ola Simonsson (Gruppen)

Dansare: Sara Ekman, Jonas Svensson

Musiker: Ola Simonsson

Producent: Irene Grahn

Scenografi & Rekvisita: Gruppen

Teknik: Christian Odeholm, Andreas Lundqvist och Jonathan Lingman

Planering & Scenröj: Finn Svensson, Christofer Malmström & Christian Karström

PR/ Marknadsföring: Göran Svensson & Viveca Nilsson

Affisch: Iti Forsberg