​Sagan om Sverige

  • Helsingborgs stadsteater

​Sagan om Sverige is the meeting between the Swedish actor Jörgen and the young, Syrian poet Daniel. Daniel is about to write a monologue for Jörgen, about racism and the current state in Sweden, but the play is delayed, and another story takes place. A story about loneliness, heartache and the everyday racism that we are all a part of.

From 13 years

Sagan om Sverige, bibu 2018
Fotograf: Sarah Perfekt


Helsingborgs stadsteater


By: Daniel Boyacioglu

Director: Jörgen Düberg

Set design and costume: Yvonne Ericsson

Dramaturg: Tom Silkeberg

Prompter and director assistent:  Anna Lönn Franko                     

On stage: Jörgen Düberg

Sound: Jonas Mattsson

Light: Ernesto Mejia

Stage managers : Nils Fritsch and Jonas Svensson

Photo: Linn Saalbach