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Playful Tiger is for children and young people with complex needs such as autism. It tells the story of a tiger’s visit to a rigid family home where he turns their world upside down. It’s chaotic but brilliantly fun, with a focus on sensory engagement. Playfulness within the work creates space for a two-way response between the audience and performers.

Playful Tiger was created with the support from Paul Hamlyn Foundation Funding and was inspired by Barrowland Ballet’s production Tiger Tale created with Robert Alan Evans.

Founded in 2007, Barrowland Ballet is now one of Scotland’s most exciting and successful contemporary dance companies built around the artistic work of choreographer Natasha Gilmore. The company produces high quality, accessible dance theatre performances which tour nationally and internationally to small and mid-scale venues. The work’s themes are delivered with wit and humour, and the insightful observations of human behaviour are rooted in her personal stories.

Barrowland Ballet’s work has gained critical international acclaim performing in festivals and venues across the world. In 2017, Natasha Gilmore was the UK nomination for the ASSITEJ Award for Excellence for her work for young audiences including Little Red (7+), Whiteout (12+) Tiger Tale (7+) and Poggle (6 months – 4 years). The company also have a repertoire of intergenerational, short dance films including Loose Leaf Tea, Whiteout, Wolf and most recently Strings. Alongside the company’s professional work they produce high quality participatory performance projects; the two are inter-dependent with one inspiring the other.

From 7 years

Performance image Playful Tiger
Photo: Jassy Earl

Time and place

12:30 - 13:15
09:30 - 10:15
12:30 - 13:15
13:00 - 13:45
15:30 - 16:15

Play time: 45 minutes


Barrowland Ballet


  • Choreographer: Natasha Gilmore
  • Collaborator: Ellie Griffiths
  • Performers: Jade Adamson, Jo Pirrie, Vince Virr
  • Composer: Kim Moore
  • Set and Lighting Design: Fred Pommerehn
  • Costume Design: Christine Dove