Gothenburg English Studio Theatre (GEST)

This performance is not selected by the jury but included in Tema Friktionskraft: Teatercentrum presents a tool for analysing performances to encourage a norm-creative approach to artistic work and audience development within the performing arts. The tool will be tried out during a taklback with the audience directly after four, randomly selected, performances by four independent theatres, members of Teatercentrum. Read more here!

15­ year­old Ali is missing. The police are involved, the entire school is searching. What exactly do the parents know? Why do the school computers keep crashing? ...and who is Umi, the social media phenomenon and the girl who everyone wants to be?
Topics such as identity, social media and xenophobia are raised in this action packed classroom thriller. The audience plays a big part as missing Ali’s school mates when two officers from the Sussex Police comes to the school to investigate the disapearance. New leads are constantly emerging, and both characters and audience alike gets a shock when the truth, and the truly guilty, are uncovered. Performed in English.

Performance time: 40 min
Performance talk with the audience after the show: 30 minutes

From 13 years

Performance image, Offline, bibu, 2018 Performance image, Offline, bibu, 2018 Performance image, Offline, bibu, 2018

Time and place

Play time: 70 min


Gothenburg English Studio Theatre (GEST)


Written by: Kristina Brändén Whitaker, Elizabeth Neale, James Hogg
Director: Kristina Brändén Whitaker
On stage: Elizabeth Neale, James Hogg