• ZebraDans & SangSang Maru

Ne Ne Ne is a playful dance theatre exploration of a meadow in a forest. There is a tea cup and a fish and an umbrella hanging from the trees, and underneath the trees there might be caterpillars and perhaps also even a bear. Everything can be transformed in the Nenene Forest and it's all about joy and happiness!

The project is a cooperation between ZebraDans (SE) and Cultural Company SangSang Maru (S.Korea) Unfortunately the corona crise started and the NeNeNe-process that was supposed to happen with all the collaborators in the same place, now had to continue in two different parts of the world. In the spirit of the Korean word HABOKA, meaning Let’s try, we now ran the rehearsals for the same piece, from two different continents. With common working structures, approaches to the work and with joined forces, both teams have shared their work with each other along the process and now merged it all into one performance.

From 4 years

Ne Ne Ne
Foto: Um Dong Youl
Ne Ne Ne
Foto: Um Dong Youl
Ne Ne Ne
Foto: Um Dong Youl

Time and place

15:00 - 15:45
16:30 - 17:15

Play time: 45 min

The performance is a part of the Swedish ASSITEJ seminar Why International Co-operation, Thursday 14th of May at 16.00.


ZebraDans & SangSang Maru


  • On stage: Ko Eungyeol, Lisa Nilsson, Soung Kyoung Choul & Åsa Lundvik Gustafson
  • Choreography: Anne Jonsson & Kim Minjung
  • Direction: Kim Minjung & Anne Jonsson
  • Set and costume design: My Zachrisson
  • Composition: Kim Junsung
  • Production: SangSangMaru & ZebraDans