• Profilteatern

Nätet is a freshly written suspense play by Profilteatern. We promise an exciting and thrilling experience for kids from 10 years and up.

Agnes is an up-and-coming writer whose debut was a big hit. She now has the difficult task of following up her previous success. Felix is an artist who has been assigned to illustrate Agnes’ new book - a horror story for teenagers. They have never met before and Agnes is suffering from writer’s block as the deadline approaches.

When Agnes mentions that she has an empty family cottage it triggers Felix’ curiosity. Wouldn’t that be the perfect place for creating a thrilling novel. Agnes reluctantly agrees to the idea. She hasn’t been to the cabin since her teens and her memories aren’t all that pleasant. But now they are travelling on a bumpy gravel road, two strangers on their way to a remotecottage. They don’t know that they are embarking on the adventure of their lives and about to unfold a story beyond their wildest imagination!

From 10 years

Time and place

10:00 - 11:20
13:00 - 14:20

Play time: 50 minuites




  • Script and direction: Jan Karlsson
  • Set design, costume and mask: Ulla Karlsson
  • Music and sound design: Jonas Holmberg
  • Lighting design and construction: Martin Ogland
  • Attributes and construction: Jacob Petersson
  • Playwright: Tora Von Platen
  • Actors: Livia Göttfert and Tobias Morin
  • Programming: Andreas Hammarström
  • Production: Lina Hognert and Patrik Ågren
  • Graphic design: Magnus Åström
  • Photo: Andreas Nilsson