• Mittiprickteatern

This is an exciting performance that is played outdoors on the preschool / school yard. Three fairy tale archaeologists come to the preschool yard because they heard that a fairy tale had taken place at this very place a long time ago, long before there were houses and toys here. Now they need the help of preschool children to solve the mystery of what fairy tale it was. Together, they must overcome obstacles and challenges. The preschool yard becomes a desert, a castle or a large forest. With courage and imagination, they solve the mystery.

From 3 years

Time and place

09:30 - 10:30
12:30 - 13:30

Play time: 30 minuites




Direction: Josefin Lennström
Scenography and costume: Anna Sigurdsdotter
Music: Mats Karlsson
Choreography: Malin From
Actors: Malin From, Lennart Gustafsson och Eva Welinder

Producers: Anna Holmkvist and Rolf S. Nielsen