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An unforgettable story of reconciliation, Mistatim is about the taming of a wild horse and the truest of friendships. Under a prairie sky, a simple wooden fence is all that separates Calvin on his ranch and Speck on her reservation. In many ways they are worlds apart, that is, until a wild horse named Mistatim turns their worlds upside down.

This timeless story is more relevant than ever before, bringing together two worlds that are seemingly far apart in an award-winning theatre production for young audiences. Mistatim serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations about truth and reconciliation, intergenerational impact, and intercultural connections. Despite boundaries and borders, children instinctively find ways around and beyond them. Mistatim offers new ways of thinking about our future and illuminates themes of truth and reconciliation, our interconnectedness, and the need to respect all sentient beings.

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Red Sky Performance is a leading company of contemporary Indigenous performance in Canada and worldwide.

Since its creation in 2000, Red Sky’s vision has been to elevate and expand contemporary Indigenous performance and to make a significant contribution to the artistic and cultural vibrancy of Canada and the world.

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Motivation of the international selection committee: 

Mistatim is a heartwarming story of responsibilities, understanding, and the truest of friendships. Speck, an Indigenous girl on a Canadian reservation and Calvin, a white boy on a ranch, are two eleven-year-olds separated by a fence. This boundary separates their land and serves as a metaphor to their seemingly different worlds and cultural division between them. The wild and mischievous horse, Mistatim, brings them together and in their attempt to tame Mistatim, they share their family stories and struggles with grown-ups. The trio’s new bond eventually leads to an energetic liberation. 

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Concept, Dramaturgy: & Co-Choreography: Sandra Laronde
Director: Andrea Donaldson
Playwright: Erin Shields
Choreography: Carlos Rivera and Sandra Laronde
Music & Sound Design: Rick Sacks
Associate Sound Design: Marc Merilianen
Set, Video & Lighting: Andrew Moro
Cree Translation: Tyrone Tootoosis Sr.
Mask Design & Build: Karen Rodd
Costume: Elaine Redding & Charlene Senuik

Performers: Sera-Lys McArthur, Falciony Patino-Cruz, Brendan McMurtry-Howlett