Hugo – elak, blodtörstig och jättefarlig

  • Boulevardteatern

Hugo has been forced to leave his life as a circus performer behind, and finds himself far out in the woods. Having been a tightrope walker, he is of course no ordinary crocodile, and loves to knit and bake. He wants nothing more than to receive guests in his neat little house. But making friends in the woods is not easy – as soon as Hugo shows up, the other animals run for their lives, and before long there are wild rumours that a deadly monster has arrived. Hugo resolves to fix the situation, and puts a plan in action to finally be accepted by his new neighbours.


3-8 years

This is not a jury appointed performance, but one of the four performances included in the theme The school as venue, drawn from entries from independent theatres, members of Teatercentrum. After the performance there will be an opportunity for dialogue and experience exchange with the ensemble, about choices and strategies specific to school performances, taking this particular performance as a starting point.

Foto: Martin Skoog
Foto: Martin Skoog

Time and place

09:30 - 10:40
11:30 - 12:40

Play time: Performs in schools




  • After a book by Mia Nilsson 
  • On stage: Gustav Lundkvist, Elinne Leandersson, och Isabell Ström
  • Director & dramatised by: Roger Westberg
  • Music & lyrics: Jörgen Aggeklint
  • Set design: John Söderberg
  • Costume design: Malin Tivenius
  • Lighting design: Kundali Löfstrand