• Regionteater Väst

Häxor are in our midst and have been around for hundreds of years, but how do you recognize a witch? How do you know it's not a witch sitting opposite you on the bus, who's your teacher, or who's your married aunt?

The acclaimed choreographer Mari Carrasco, who, among other things, has made productions for the Riksteatern and Black Box Company in Denmark, draws inspiration from various stories about witches in an attempt to get closer to its innermost essence. It is a witch who does as she pleases, who has a beautiful exterior and a secret interior, who tries to be normal, but who honestly has no idea what is considered normal.

Welcome to the magic meeting of witches!

From 7 years

Performance image Witches
Photo: Unknown

Time and place

11:15 - 11:55
14:00 - 14:40

Play time: 40 minutes


Regionteater Väst


  • CHOREOGRAPHY: Mari Carrasco tillsammans med dansare 
  • SCENOGRAPHY: Tomas Sjöstedt efter idé av Mari Carrasco
  • COSTUME: Karolina Brock
  • COMPOSOR: Mikael Karlsson
  • LIGHTNING DESIGN: Ida Gustafsson
  • REPETITOR: Andrzej Glosniak
  • ON STAGE: Rebecka Hansson, Jimmie Larsson, Helena Lundqvist, Rasmus Skaremark-Solberg, Julia Svensson 
  • COSTUME MASTER: Johanna Ramsin
  • TAILOR: Lina Lambro & Marina Lantz Eriksson 
  • DECORATIVE SEWING: Ingela Dover & Xi Sun
  • MASK: Kerstin Olsen
  • STAGE TECHNOLOGY: Amanda Clausen, Jonatan Bergman  & Ida Gustafsson
  • PRODUCER: Elin Svensson 
  • COMMUNICATOR: Daniel Andersson  
  • PHOTO: Håkan Larsson
  • ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Monika Milocco
  • VD & PUBLISHER: Susanna Dahlberg