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Happy! We have received extra funding and are very happy to announce that we will have a thematic program next Bibu with performances, seminars and workshops all within the field of creating inclusive performing arts.


Making culture

Making culture – an anthology on the cultural habits of children and young people in the Nordic countries, The Nordic Agency for Cultural Policy Analysis. Monday the 16th September the anthology was presented at a seminar in Gothenburg. Bibu's board member Anna Berg was present at the seminar.

Student from workshop


World's Worst Children's Theater - seminar

During this spring Bibu has in collaboration with Månteatern and their actors workshopped with 75 students from the 5th and 7th grade. The theme for the workshops has been “what is good and poor theatre”.


How can we create stories for a new time? How does texts formed in an international context look like?

21 actors from 7 countries. Reflexions from a seminar about reflections from an intercultural and artistic exchange in theatre for children and youth

Måns Lagerlöf


Måns Lagerlöf new chairperson for Bibu

Bibu is in my opinion an important arena to strengthen the art of performing arts for children and youth. An area whose artistic status often is questioned.

Transitos Habana


Transitos Habana - Scandinavian exchange since 2012

Bibu participated in this year's edition of the festival Jornadas de Intercambio Cultural con Paises Escandinavos: Transitos Habana in Havana.

rosa prickar

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Mary Rose, U R DA BEST!

The New Victory Theater is located in the heart of the city, on 42nd Street at Times Square. Mary Rose Lloyd is artistic director here. Both the theatre and Mary Rose are internationally recognised for quality, innovation and courage within dramatic art for children and young people.

unga klara logotyp

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Unga Klara - Avant-garde theatre welcomed into the warmth

Wild, daring and sharp, Unga Klara is now performing in the same league as the big players, the Royal Dramatic Theatre and the Royal Opera – Sweden has obtained a national theatre for children and young people. But what does it mean in reality and what does the future look like?

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New analytical tool brings normative structures out of the shadows.Ingrained norms and stereotypes have a tendency to take over in art, the working world and interpersonal relationships. A new tool brings these preconceptions out into the open.