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Här hittar du mer från och om Bibu i form av aktuella aktiviteter, nyheter, artiklar och fördjupande texter. Läs och bli inspirerad! För att inte missa vad som är på gång – prenumerera på Bibus nyhetsbrev (anmälan längst ner på sidan) och följ oss i sociala medier.


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Sustainable touring through Nordic-Baltic networking!

bibu 2024 will have a Nordic-Baltic focus; through performances, seminars, workshops, and meetings bibu aims to strengthen collaboration, networking, and local international touring.

A bibu logo covered by a sign saying "at Scenkonstbiennalen"


bibu at Scenkonstbiennalen

While bibu gathers fantastic Swedish TYA (plus a large international programme) "Scenkonstbiennalen" is a jury curated festival aiming to cover the entire field of Swedish performing arts. Scenkonstbiennalen is celebrating it's 30th year and is held

A photo of bibu's new operational managers Liselotte Lindahl and Tanja Mangalanayagam


New leadership for bibu!

The board of Bibu AB has appointed Tanja Mangalanayagam and Liselotte Lindahl as new operational managers with a shared leadership role. They will assume their new roles 1 July 2023.

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bibu 2024

bibu 2024 gets a Nordic-Baltic Focus!

After long discussions about how to best follow up the enormous privilege of hosting ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering in 2022 we are proud to announce that bibu 2024 will have a Nordic-Baltic focus!

A man, Samuel Ek, sits in a sofa reading the bibu 2022 report.


The 2022 report has arrived!

2022 made bibu into one of Europe's most important meeting places for our industry and, during six sunny days in May, Helsingborg into the TYA world's absolute centre!

A text telling you that the next bibu will be 15-18 May 2024.

Save the date – 15-18 May 2024!

The next bibu will take place 15-18 May in Helsingborg! Put it in your calendar, suggest your favourite show or dream seminar, and we'll see you in Helsingborg spring 2024!

A big and warm thank you to all of you who participated in 2022 years edition of Bibu and ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering!

In total, we had about 1200 participants, of which a number where international visitors, 36 productions from 7 different countries spread over 5 continents, lots of seminars, workshops and talks in addition.

Now we have released our Swedish and International productions for Bibu 2022

Together with ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering, Bibu invites you to a six-day festival 17-22 May in Helsingborg with Swedish and international theater, dance and circus performances for children and young people together with a wide range of seminars,

Bibu and Assitej Artistic Gathering 17-22th of May 2022

The 17-22th of May this year, Bibu together with ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering invites you to a six-day festival with Swedish and international theater, dance and circus performances for children and young people together with a wide range of seminars,

We start the new year working with our program for the biennial in May

Now this year's productions are chosen by our juries just like the content of our seminar and workshop program.

Swedstage adds Young Swedstage

The event Swedstage, which makes the best of Swedish performing arts available to international organizers, now has a little sibling.


Announcing the call for international performances for Bibu and the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2022!

Bibu invite applications of performances coming from or being produced by and with Indigenous Peoples and being directed towards an audience of children, youth and families.

Blood on the Dance Floor, a performance by Jacob Boehme. Photo: Bryony Jackson


Bibu presenting the International Committee 2022!

The international performances will be selected by an international committee consisting of five artists and leaders from a global representation of Indigenous Peoples and one coordinator - here are the names!


Bibu the most important meeting place in the world 2022 – Leave no one behind

Bibu - the Swedish Performing Arts Biennial for Children and Youth - has been selected to host the international meeting Assitej Artistic Gathering in May 17 - 22 2022!


In-depth reading

Scen:se - Art for an audience that rarely encounters art

Experiencing different types of art is a human need. For children and young people with intellectual disabilities, this is far from their reality. Focusing on sensory methods, the cultural project Scen:se is therefore creating valuable productions

In-depth reading

Research on how children’s culture strengthens children’s status

På Centrum för barnkulturforskning (CBK) vid Stockholms Universitet arbetas det dagligen med att främja ett kulturliv som får barn att växa och ta plats, både inom kulturen och i samhället. 




Happy! We have received extra funding and are very happy to announce that we will have a thematic program next Bibu with performances, seminars and workshops all within the field of creating inclusive performing arts.


Making culture

Making culture – an anthology on the cultural habits of children and young people in the Nordic countries, The Nordic Agency for Cultural Policy Analysis. Monday the 16th September the anthology was presented at a seminar in Gothenburg. Bibu's board

Student from workshop


World's Worst Children's Theater - seminar

During this spring Bibu has in collaboration with Månteatern and their actors workshopped with 75 students from the 5th and 7th grade. The theme for the workshops has been “what is good and poor theatre”.


How can we create stories for a new time? How does texts formed in an international context look like?

21 actors from 7 countries. Reflexions from a seminar about reflections from an intercultural and artistic exchange in theatre for children and youth