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Sara hasn’t been to school for over a month. She is tormented by anxiety, which grows so strong that she vomits if she is trying to get anywhere near the building. But there is a reason for it. A reason which she will refuse to the greatest lengths to reveal. 

This is a play about well-meaning but confused parents, about the fumbling attempts of government authorities and legal systems to keep up with the constant changes in the everyday living conditions of teenagers – but above all else, this is a play about Sara, age 14. 

From 13 years

Motivation of the jury:

With exceptional dramatization, brilliant acting and drastic humour, The performance describes a dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship. Intimate interplay, with a balance between intense expression and close concentration, helps us to really get to know the characters with all their anguish and sorrow. The performance portrays people and their relationships superbly and, somewhat radically, avoids being judgmental.

Foto: Kicki Nilsson/ICON Photography
Foto: Kicki Nilsson/ICON Photography
Foto: Kicki Nilsson/ICON Photography

Time and place

11:00 - 12:15
18:00 - 19:15

Play time: Time and place will be published the 11th of March.

Förhör (The Hearing) is a newly written play by one of Sweden’s currently most celebrated playwrights, Martina Montelius, which originally performed at Örebro Länsteater in September-October 2019. 

Directed by Olle Jernberg, this creative pair together creates an adventurous voyage about people’s struggles with themselves – despite their age, life situation or position in society.”


Örebro länsteater


  • On stage: Amanda Krüger, Hanna Lekander, Malin Berg

  • By: Martina Montelius

  • Director: Olle Jernberg

  • Set & costume design: Jasminda Asplund Blanco

  • Lighting design: Sofie Gynning och Casper Törneman

  • Make up: Giovanni Indelicato

  • Sound & light: Josef Sturzenbecker

  • Technicians: Anton Linder och Ida Wiberg

  • Props: Helena Jonsson

  • Costume: Susanne Prihm och Marie Östling

  • Workshops: Jenny Eklund, Jens Haraldsson, Torbjörn Helander och John Åkerström

  • Prompter: Jenny Tallén, Kristin Wester

  • Producer: ÅsaClara Örn, Johan Bark

  • Technical director: Kenny Nilsson

  • Communication: Viktor Eriksson

  • Artistic director: Rikard Lekander

  • CEO: Petra Weckström