Finding other methods - talk

  • Arrangera av: Svenska Assitej
  • Claire Parsons Dans

In 2019 Claire Parsons did a residency in Havanna, Cuba, working with Cuban dancers.The workshop held during Bibu invites dancers from Sweden and Cuba to a shared practice.  Artistic methods from various viewpoints are researched and evaluated, exploring cultural identity, the personal and the cultural and if there is an artistic essence.

In an hourlong conversation after the workshop we invite to a discussion about cultural identity and if dance contains common denominators. If we are characterized by places and methods. If there is an artistic essence.  An artistic origin. This conversation is also open for those who have not participated in the workshop.

Finding other methods
Foto: Claire Parsons

Time and place

14:00 - 15:00

Play time: 60 min


Arrangera av: Svenska Assitej Claire Parsons Dans


  • Moderator: Camilla Ekelöf
  • Work shop leaders: Clarie Parsons och Miguel Azcue