• I don't speak Swedish, can I still visit Bibu? 

Yes! Our programme is also published in English and some of the seminars and workshops are held in English which is pointed out in the program. Some of the Swedish performances might have an English translation. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want help with planning your visit and programme! 

  • If I have special needs, can I still visit Bibu?

All our theatres and venues are wheelchair accessible. For help with other accessibility questions, please contact us. 

  • How do I get to Helsingborg? 

Travel by train: It is easy to travel to Helsingborg by train from different directions in Sweden, and from abroad via for example Copenhagen. The station is called Helsingborg C. 

National train service: https://www.sj.se/en/home.html#/.

Regional train service: https://www.skanetrafiken.se 

Travel by air: If you want to fly, book your flight from your destination to Copenhagen Airport (CPH). From the airport the most efficient way is to take the train via Malmö C to Helsingborg C. The trains departs at the airport from underground level after passing baggage claim and walking trough customs. There are direct train to Helsingborg via Malmö, or you can also change trains in Malmö. There are ticket machines for the train at CPH Airport.

Travel by car: If you arrive to Helsingborg by car, drive towards "centrum". 

  • What about the National Committee and how can I get in contact?

Read about the National Committee here. If you want to suggest a production, do so via our application form. The application closes 1st of December 2021 prior to the upcoming biennial in May. 

  • Can I buy single tickets to the performances? 

You can buy single tickets to a selected part of the program. 

For any other question, don't hesitate to contact us!