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"East Side Stories" is a musical based on the true stories and the many encounters with people living in the eastern parts of Helsingborg.

Dedan is in hiding. He fears that the authorities will find him. Or is it all just a misunderstanding? Well, better safe than sorry… Maybe he can find someone who is able to help him?
Sara and Eva will soon be graduating from elementary school. Will their friendship stand the test of time and challenges ahead of them?
Amira is at a crossroads: Should she keep the family together or dive into her dreams of a brand new future?
Nadia wants to protect her younger brother, but how?
And who is scared the most? The one that is hiding or the one that is spreading fear?
One day they all gather in order to find a way to chase the dark clouds away and to restore their strong community again. But there is something in the way - a child is eager to enter the world.

It is about the little things in life but also about the crucial ones. Some of them we hardly remember, others affect us for the rest of our lives.

"East Side Stories" is a co-production between The Immigrant Compound Confederation (Inva-Sam), Helsingborg’s education organisations joint project Tillsammans and Helsingborgs Stadsteater (Helsingborg City Theatre).
The project is part of The Ministery of Culture´s ”Kreativa Platser”.

Buss to the venue leaves from Helsingborgs konserthus at 18.30
Venue: Dalhemsskolans idrottshall
Performance at 19.00-20.15

From 10 years

Performance image, East Side Stories, Bibu, 2018


East Side Stories


Actors: Negar Zarassi, Leila Jung, Andrea Jayakrishna, Jörgen Düberg, Caroline Rauf, Jan Nielsen

Also participating: Mouhamad Al Hallak, Amer Kharma, Mouhamad Al Noajmi, Erna Elezovic, Samer Al-Rahman, Kalle Månsson, Isa Omeich, Natasa Petrovic, Mariya Trusova, Gaby Hosseini, Joumana Alkassar, Benjamin Waern, Atte Jumphon, James Kynastan, Roman Romanov, Amina Alihodzic, Hamza Alihodzic, Emmy Olsson, Jomana Mansour, Lara Hussain, Mirvat Hamid, Malak Almohammed, Rawan Norri, Ayham Norri, Mahra Mahauri, Sara Aboeisha, Yara Aboeisha, Fatma Alderawi, Samira Kindvall, Emma Wihlborg, Liv Adler, Mina Christoffersson, Alma Lundblad, Feline Andersson, My Bylander, Saga Bydinger, Rasmus Ask, Bill Hallberg, Mikaela Persson, Hedda Lindblad, Sigrid Bakran, Max Ivarsson, Cecilia Arvidsson, Saga Lanker, Jessika Olsson, Elin Carphagen, Signe Vibe, Cornelia Henrysson, Kajsa Roos, Elin Nordström, Karolina Ekström, Minna Persson

Written and directed by: Annika Kofoed

Music: P-O Nilsson

Lyrics: Bim Wikström

Choreography: Melker Sörensen

Set and costume design: Yvonne Ericsson

Producer: Sanja Streuli