Communitas -Rachel Tess

  • Arranged by: Stockholms konstnärliga högskola


How do babies perceive performance? 

How do their parents respond to the way they perceive?

How does performance shape a community? 

How is it shaped by community? 

Rachel Tess is an American dancer and choreographer based in Knislinge, Sweden. She is the director of Milvus Artistic Research Center (MARC) as well as the associate curator for Live Art at Wanås Konst. Through the lecture IS THIS IT? Tess shares her perspective on community and social/interactive artistic practices for young audiences through the works Reflective Nebula and Den Kosmiska Havsträdgårdspassagen (a performance for the very young) by MARC artist alumni and long-time colleague choreographer Peter Mills. IS THIS IT? reflects on the ways in which artists respond to and are affected by the places they work in and the people they choose to work with. 

Communitas -Rachel Tess
Mattias Givell

Time and place

09:30 - 10:30

Play time: 60 min

The seminar is part of the course Communitas, artistic expressions with social and/or interactive dimensions provided by Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH).


Arranged by: Stockholms konstnärliga högskola


  • Rachel Tess, choreographer and dancer, director for Milvius Artistic Research Center (MARC)