• Big wind

This performance is not selected by the jury but included in Tema Friktionskraft: Teatercentrum presents a tool for analysing performances to encourage a norm-creative approach to artistic work and audience development within the performing arts. The tool will be tried out during a taklback with the audience directly after four, randomly selected, performances by four independent theatres, members of Teatercentrum. Read more here! 

Today everything is different. My clothes seem to live a life of their own. My shoes are walking backwards and my jacket is inside out. My red hat wants to play hide-and-seek and turns into a steering weel. What a peculiar day!
With a careful hand and lovely dance, Johanna's character meets everyday difficulties with a smile. Problems are for solving.

From 2 years

bild Bak-å-fram-på, bibu 2018
Fotografi: Lina Ikse


Big wind


By and with: Johanna Ehn
Staging: Stina Hedberg
Music: Erik Dahl
Costume and set design: Hilda Fürst
Light: Ola Karlberg
Producer: Matilda Magnusson

Photo: Lina Ikse