Anchors Away

  • S.O.J. Scenkonstproduktion & Dunkers kulturhus

Three little people with big dreams of sailing.

Following the performance "Smashing", our interpretation of tennis as art, we now want to continue our investigation with sailing as a theme: Three dancers in a wordless performance about the noble art of sailing and mastering the wind. Like a sailing school where Jaques Tati and Bob Fosse are guests.

Sailing and the sea are a rich source of energy. It is the dream of adventure, the search for distant places and the longing for home. It is a sea chants, the wind roaring in swelling sails, shipwreck, the Odyssey, Taube, Onedin. But there are also stories of vulnerability, collaboration and communication.

We take the audience on a trip with trimmed sails into the enchantment, charm and discomfort of the art of sailing.


For all ages

Anchors Away
Foto: Jonas Svensson

Time and place

17:15 - 17:50

Play time: 40 min


S.O.J. Scenkonstproduktion & Dunkers kulturhus


  • Dancer/actor: Jonas Svensson
  • Actor/musician: Ola Simonsson
  • Dansare/actor: Sara Ekman
  • Choreograpy & direction: ensemblen