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  • Le Moana Dance

Inspired by the works of renowned American writer Shel Silverstein, Shel We is an enchanting, playfully intriguing and visually stunning dance show created by Tupua Tigafua.  A highly accomplished dancer and choreographer who has had an illustrious career dancing for some of Aotearoa’s creative elite and one of the most ingenious storytellers of this generation. 

Shel Silverstein was a critically acclaimed writer who wrote books such as Where the sidewalk ends and The Giving Tree. As well as iconic ballads Sylvia's Mother for Doctor Hook and A boy named Sue for Johnny cash. Shel’s off beat style and brilliant use of metaphorical imagery in his poetry and illustrations are what inspires Tupua’s choreography - ultimately delivering a tribute to his parents, his family and the environment that has inspired him over the years.  

All ages

Motivation of the international selection committee: 

Inspired by the works of American writer Shel Silverstein ”Shel We” is a dance show where the unexpected comes to stage. From the intimate to the bold, from seriousness to silliness, six men on stage encompasses sensitive masculinity. The form is familiar, but the performance escapes what is expected. With ghosts and fireflies, the show takes us to new discoveries. It is elusive, sometimes difficult to understand, in the same time we are invited to the familiar. A life meandering through the ages or a ship cruising the ocean?

Time and place

19:00 - 20:00
15:00 - 16:00
19:00 - 20:00

Play time: 60 minutes


Le Moana Dance


Created byTupua Tigafua

Photo: Celia Walmsley Stagebox Photography