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Mellan oss

The jury's motivation

We are drawn into a giggly atmosphere, with great trust in what will unfold, as we are invited into an exciting and unusual set. We quickly leave our own reality behind. We can sit or lie down, as long as there is room for everyone. Between Us is an associative, ingenious, dramaturgically varied and interactive performance. The ensemble, intimate and responsive, explores all our outer, inner, visible and invisible boundaries. The situations, the suggestive music, the songs and the dances weave in and out of one another as if they were improvised right there and then. In the end, we cross the magical boundary and get up on the stage to lie down with the dancers and gaze at the starry sky and enjoy the cosmic music. The boundary that existed between us is no longer there.

What are boundaries, and what do they do to us? Which boundaries can we cross, and are they open to all of us? How does something become boundary-less or boundless? 
In the performance "Between Us", the choreographer Nadja Hjorton, together with the composer Britta Persson, the scenographer Chrisander Brun and the performers, Arabella Lyons, Maryam Nikandish and Cecilia Wernesten, have investigated boundaries - inner, outer, visible and invisible. It is a physical, musical and visual performance that fantasizes about boundless places - both in the world and within ourselves.

"Mellan oss" will unfortunately not be performed during bibu 2018.

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Theatre Dance