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Hela familjen

The jury's motivation

A contemporary drama where outspokeness is combined with a keen eye for our age. With humour and a sense of what it is to be human – tough as well as fragile – a wonderful and optimistic mix of theatre, song, dance and farce is created. A musical “lite”, but also much more. Pitch-perfectly and cleverly, we are guided through the daily life of the whole family, with all its wilful characters.  We can both laugh at and along with the stressed, self-absorbed but well-meaning adults, who try to suppress their anxiety by secretly smoking under the kitchen fan and gorging on grilled chicken on the balcony, as well as recognize ourselves in the teenager's anguish, doubt and euphoria. Their muteness in the presence of the adults does not mean that there is no conflict and the events seem to pose the question to the audience: How do we choose to live and take care of one another in a family?

Poor Leia (yes, she is named after the lady in the bikini in Star Wars) has a secret love who will dump her twice, but she doesn’t know that yet. Leia's mom and dad are eating meat on the balcony but say they are vegans. And she has a sister who tries to kill her, with a knife. Leia is a little bit of a master of life and her best advice is: if you have problems, do not talk to any adult. 

"Hela familjen" will unfortunately not be performed during bibu 2018.

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