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5114 dagar

The jury's motivation

A warm, generous and moving performance about what it is like to be 14 years old. The director and the dramaturge have based the piece on the ensemble’s own experiences from that time with regards to bullying, boredom with school, sex, racism and loneliness. Their stories create a pitch-perfect weave of humorous, anxiety-ridden and sad events, which enable all of us, in different ways, to reconnect with our 14-year-old selves. The performance is communicative and sensitively presented by a delightful, multifaceted ensemble, in terms of everything from body, age, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Additional credit should be given to Systraskapet who created the amazing music and who in an effortless theatrical way weave their own experiences into their music together with the Backa Teater musicians.

"5114 days" becomes the third part in the series where Backa Teater examines an age by letting the actors remember their own experiences of how it was. 
The memories become relatable and familiar, regardless if you are, or once were 14 years old.

5114 dagar trailer 

Former parts were "4018 days" and "2556 days" about being 11 and 7 years old.

"5114 dagar" will unfortunately not be performed during bibu 2018.

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