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This performance is not selected by the jury but included in Tema Friktionskraft: Teatercentrum presents a tool for analysing performances to encourage a norm-creative approach to artistic work and audience development within the performing arts. The tool will be tried out during a taklback with the audience directly after four, randomly selected, performances by four independent theatres, members of Teatercentrum. Read more here

A story
Of Nader and Nadja
Of meeting a new language
Of meeting a new friend
Of listening instead of speaking

Nader is quiet. He wants to play and sing with his mother like they use to, but she has decided that they only will speak Swedish. Every word takes time. When they are cooking in Swedish the food never gets done. At last they have to go to buy pizza.
His mother is getting worried and sad. Why is Nader quiet? At the pre-school they also try to make Nader talk. The only person who doesn´t care about Nader being quiet is Nadja. She wants to play with him anyway. Nader thinks it sounds like Nadja is singing when she talks.
Through songs, sounds and music we meet Nader and his story from inside. In the performance Swedish and Arabic is mixed.

Performance time: 30 minutes
Performance talk with the audience after the show: 30 minutes 

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