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The jury's motivation

The stage is dominated by Råger Johansson's imaginative device with lamps, cables and all manner of junk. This device is operated by four signalists who are trying to locate the signal failures on earth that must be remedied. Whether it is a snail that dare not leave its shell or a ladybird that cannot leave the safety of its field or a volcano that is in love. The music and lighting contribute to this tender, funny and poetic performance, where the very youngest are met with respect and warmth.

"The Signalists" are part of the three-year project named Stafetten, where Masthuggsteater collaborates with students at Sandeklevs school in Bergsjön.
Thoughts and stories from grade 1 and 2 are the ground for the performance "The Signalists". The project is carried out under the support of Allmänna Arvsfonden.

Ta-ta-taaa-Ta-ta-ta-Pling! Ta-ta-Pling!
Signals and messages are pouring in. From a ladybug, a reindeer girl, from a volcano and a snail brother in a lonely shell. All of them need help. And there’s a strange signal from far, far away. Is it a star that’s transmitting? A new working day has just begun for the Signalists, department 415.
Often we understand each other straight away. But sometimes there’s trouble, entanglements, disconnections, loneliness. That’s when the Signalists step in, they’re experts in communication, with the help of their amazing machine.

"The Signalists" is an audio-adventure and dance-theatre piece that speaks to the whole body. About the will to be understood, seen and loved.
The piece has been created with the help of two classes from the Sandeklev’s school and reflects their thoughts and ideas regarding communication. This is the third and final step of the Stafetten (Relay) project.



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Theatre Dance