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Rapport från ett omklädningsrum

The jury's motivation

With a careful and confident hand, the actors at Västmanlands teater invite the audience into, what is for many of us, in different ways, a charged environment – the male changing room. Imaginative use of sound, light and motion transforms this ordinary place into something new, both beautiful and frightening. With living bodies, intense glances and stories that are not only moving but also convey personal vulnerability, the performance challenges and poses new questions about the body, norms and achievements in a liberating, non-linear, narrated performance. 

Dreams, shower gel and sexual harassments – what is really going on in a locker room? What wellknown and untold stories are hidden among sweaty socks and wooden benches? Who do we become when we enter that room and what rules and rituals do we obey to?
"Report From a Locker Room" opens the door to the most vulnerable space of sports and in school. Where high fives and friendship can turn into abuse and tragedy from one moment to another. 
The play is based on the essay “You never hear about guys being sexually harassed” by Adam Jonsson (2012).
"Report From a Locker Room" is a collaboration between Västmanlands Teater, SISU Idrottsutbildarna and Hallstahammars kommun. 

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